Misogynist antonym

Is there a word like “misogynist” but about men?

2018.04.30 02:28 Dimentive Is there a word like “misogynist” but about men?

I tried searching for the antonym of “misogynist” but found nothing.
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2016.07.18 10:07 samuentaga What is up with (predominantly) men on the internet calling women 'females'?

It's such a weird and persistent thing, and it seems almost deliberate. The word Female is most commonly used as an adjective (Female Police Officer, Female Otter etc.) to denote the sex of a person/animal (antonym is obviously male). However, there seems to be a persistence of using it as a noun. Now, I'm not going to go as far as saying it's grammatically incorrect (according to Dictionary.com, the word can be used as a noun) but it sounds really weird. Saying 'woman' is so much better sounding in my opinion, and to some extent less degrading. Am I going insane, or is there something to this?
I'm aware it's a running joke on SRSPrime that misogynists use the word female as a noun, but does it have any sort of serious analytical reasoning to it?
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2015.11.16 11:03 Xemnas81 What makes someone a misogynist? How do you personally define it? Does RP theory being 'misogynistic' detract from its validity?

TRP is often described as misogynist, which is often a buzzword for anything TBP disagrees with. However the definition of misogynist regularly changes.
Wikipedia definition to start with:
Misogyny (/mɪˈsɒdʒɪni/) is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, belittling of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women.
I'm going to try and find another definition because that seems quite feminist-leaning...
Dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women
‘she felt she was struggling against thinly disguised misogyny’
Some RPers say they love women, I personally don't think any guy no matter how Alpha regularly active on the sub still would generally love women. Love to fuck women, yes, love women as people, no, TRP generally does not like women. However, I can understand why someone might try to sell this. Although many blupillers fundamentally disagree with red pill tenets, many bluepillers, and especially purple pill women(and purple pill men bar myself), hold the stance 'we do not disagree with a lot of redpill theory, we just dislike the misogyny.' Sometimes this statement becomes meaningless; you don't disagree with TRP, you just disagree with men getting butthurt and whining over the Internet about this? The one which really annoys me is 'I like redpill just not the anger phase'. I'm guilty of this, but if your only complaint with redpill is beef with the anger phasers, you can't call yourself bluepill.
Other redpillers use the 'attraction is amoral' loophole to get around the Accusation of Misogyny. Many acceptance phase RPers say that although sometimes they are bitter, they do not hate women because 'water is wet'. There is no point hating women for hypergamy because it's like hating yourself and men for the fact you get boners. This makes sense, but still, why spend so much time on the Internet discussing how to deal with the fact water is wet, then? Clearly they are still emotionally invested in the matter.
Finally, some think they are literally inferior people who the world would be better without. Single mothers are scum, women shouldn't vote, these hoes ain't loyal, extreme AWALT, etc. Most of us fall in between. So we can see that simply being on TRP does not mean someone hates women, by the classical definition of hatred.
Allow me to clarify my opinion on women in the most generalised way possible. There is a lot of politics re: feminism, gender double standards which I need to leave out because it'd take too long, the answer's long as it is. Suffice to say I am disillusioned by modern 3rd wave feminism and the culture it has created (Duluth Model, VAWA, Title IX, 'misandry' etc.)
I do not hate women, however I hold prejudices against them which I cannot explain. This is particularly true of attractive young women, which I basically put down to 'Not Over High School' Nice Guy syndrome/hot girl goggles. TRP helped me explain some of them, and probably created others, but I can see the merits of the BP notion that most men who end up on TRP were somewhat hostile to women to begin with, under the Nice Guy disguise. I also think my Hot Girl goggles is part of being a nerd, and exposed to a lot of fantasy/sci-fi media where beautiful women are usually evil witches, femme fatales or otherwise manipulative man-eaters.
Despite this, I have never held it against a woman to politely reject me; it's just that one of my earliest experiences of being rejected was basically 'no you're a fat retarded fuck'. The exact words at my primary (elementary) school leaver disco were 'nah you're not fit-but if you smack my ass I might'. I was 11 at the time as was she, I was also not nearly as well socialised as I am now. After I smacked her ass at the she got all of her friends to point and laugh at me and basically said 'eee haha you're such a spaz Xemnas'. It was true I was a bit chubby, and lost the weight. My body image has forever been fucked up afterwards. Anyway, that means that I've asked very few women out in my life. However, the few times I have been rejected, I have never respected the rejecting party for it less, only for how she did it.
So, we have this paradox where I basically hold some form of dislike and distrust towards most women esp. in my age group, but this tends to wither once I get to know them better, and I've never really fell into the 'friendzone' beta orbiting trap because I have rarely if ever let myself be a close enough friend with a girl for that to even happen. But when I am rejected, this (so far) has minimal impact on my perception of the woman. Also, I have social anxiety, yet I don't hold up this block of distrust for guys.
A tricky one. I agree with a lot of the TRP beliefs like hypergamy, women mostly want successful men who lead, women's love is conditional, women are generally more indifferent to cheating, women don't respect betas or omegas etc. I also believe that e.g. in marriage, women often control and abuse men in various ways (mostly emotionally) without batting an eyelid; usually they're oblivious to it. I have pissed off a lot of bluepillers in this sub by saying statements like I think women would prefer a world where all the omegas kill themselves tomorrow, and most recently that women don't care about men a all except for ways that that man benefits them. E.g. give a drowning man the kiss of life so that you can nick his wallet. To what extent these statements are accurate and not just a product of my severe anxiety, I do not know. Sometimes I look back at what I say and think 'fuck, somebody stayed up too late/had too much coffee' or whatever. However, they are probably not coming out of a vacuum. For example, it is in fact my general observation that even unattractive women do not want to hang out-yes, not date or sleep with, hang out-with truly unattractive men.
I do not wish women any physical or emotional harm. However, I am probably an emotional abuser, not intentionally but as a product of my paranoia, depression and what have you. I basically made my ex cry due to becoming abusive, starting to develop controlling tendencies from paranoia that she lied about her breaking up with me over religious cultural differences. This prejudice seemingly came out of nowhere towards a girl who basically made my university experience bearable when I was cripplingly lonely from social anxiety, my intrusive thoughts, hypochondria etc. Bear in mind I did not know I was an aspie at this point. To put this in context, my fear was basically the equivalent of a Hindu/Muslim woman being like 'lol fooled the beta by pretending to love Shiva/Allah and fast on Tuesdays, look at all these shitty presents he bought me, FUCK ME CHAD'. I was never dumb enough to say this was my opinion in so many words, but I think she caught is implications when I made many passive aggressive statements to her about how I thought she liked her guy friend more (who imo was more alpha, and more importantly had less issues, so I thought she'd be happier with him as friend or otherwise...self fulfilling prophecy now) In hindsight, religious/cultural differences are a major incompatibility, especially when she's at risk of anything from being slut-shamed to exiled from her community or forced into marriage when our 'secret relationship' came out. But when I am full on with the redpill koolaid, I think that women will commit haraam or go get negative karma to fuck Chad. I hold a lot of guilt+shame about how I treated my ex and regret for it, it's basically 7 odd years of friendship and a solid relationship which went to shit because I came off my meds too soon and went unstable/relapsed.
Before finding TRP, I was regularly making 'misogynistic' threads on The Student Room compulsively along the lines of 'just be honest women, how much of a gold digger are you? how shallow are you? If your bf got a 2.1 degree, would you cheat on him?' If you look in my early Reddit thread history, I have an obsession with cheating, e.g. I was banned from AskMen on this acc. for making a massive thread about 'are women likely to cheat on men with round faces.' I was banned from TSR a few months ago for my threads. Near the end I had graduated to critiques on feminism, and basically redpill plugging.
I objectify women all he time. Fuck I'm a porn addict (Literotica to be precise, I don't support the porn industry per se because of the slave trade, although nor do I judge a woman for prostituting herself when she has family to feed and no other means of doing so). I have so many models etc. to fap to on my phone. But really, if that makes a man a misogynist, then the majority of young men are. I dislike this element of the definition, not least because women esp. young women ruthlessly objectify men too. However, I suppose I can see the merits of this complaint when you consider how hateful some of the porn stories are about women. They generally give a very shallow picture of them. E.g. there is a story about a plain Jane who gets struck by lightning and becomes a model, who previously didn't want to date this 'loser' slob in her office, but then he's struck by lightning too and becomes a model himself, so then she's wet for him and they fuck. There are many cuckolding stories on there such as unattractive beta bux gets cucked, becomes depressed and morbidly obese, dies of overdose in tears while watching ex wife sending malicious messages back to him about how much happier she is getting fucked by Chad in his mansion. The message is with her tanned and toned in a bikini by a poolside sipping a Martini, living the good life.
Final personal note, I love my mom but I do not trust her 100%, I'm also a bit afraid of her. We can almost certainly pinpoint this to unresolved insecure attachment issues and my parents' divorce.
I will spare you my hyperbolic nightmare ruminations e.g. a hypothetical girlfriend pulling out a Swiss Army knife while I'm chained to the bed and slicing off my testicles to emasculate me...but yeah I am irrationally prejudiced against women. Is this discrimination? Hmm.
This makes it sometimes difficult to be vulnerable IRL to them. Only recently have I started to actually have friends who are women; every girl before that was a crush I was trying to 'game' in the high school desexualised aspie sense, lol. My 'ex' was my first close friend of the opposite sex, and in many was a test to see if it was possible to rid myself of my prejudices. Through her I learned the hard way that either
a) being a beta
b) being prejudiced against women
is going to kill every relationship and close friendship I try to form with them.
I believe that my perception of women is much closer to the average RP definition of 'misogynist', that is, prejudice against women based off pejorative stereotypes and negative past experiences. I have formed a hostility bias against women, conveniently generalising and dehumanising them to avoid fears of intimacy. I am not sure exactly what causes this; I would assume that it was part bullying from a young age, part isolation from my female peers throughout adolescence, part mommy issues, and part fear of my sexuality.
Generally the way bitterness of this sort works is that they have a negative experience at an individual's hand and then to avoid replicating the traumatic intimate experience they had, develop a hostile cognitive bias (prejudice) against whoever they collectively believe could re-create it. So in this case, a generalised hostility bias against women.
But in your eyes, does this make me a misogynist? Many would say I am less misogynistic as I'm gynophobic. Gyniphobia def. :
Gynophobia or gynephobia is an abnormal fear of women, a type of specific social phobia.[1] In the past, the Latin term horror feminae was used.[2]
Gynophobia should not be confused with misogyny, the hatred, contempt for and inveterate prejudice against women.[3][4] Its antonym is philogyny, the love, respect for and admiration of women.[5]
Likewise, what makes someone misogynist? Can we go by the dictionary definition or must our definition be revised for the purpose of PPD? Does the fact an RP belief is 'misogynistic' make it outright factually incorrect?
tl;dr A person does not hate women but does not trust them 100% and is irrationally afraid of a lot of them. Therefore, they are prejudiced against them, somewhat ashamed of but prejudiced nonetheless. Are they a misogynist? By OED definition, yes. By Wiki definition, no. Plus a lot of waffle about my personal opinion. What about your definitions?
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